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These days you can’t help but run into generic Viagra more or less everywhere you go on the Internet. Since the moment Pfizer’s Viagra patent expired in most countries of the world, it looks like every pharmaceutical company is trying to grab a piece of the erectile dysfunction treatment pie. Needless to say, the number of pharmacies selling generic Sildenafil online and offline is even larger. But are all of these pharmacies reliable enough to buy Viagra pills from them? Is Viagra by alternative manufacturers as reliable as Pfizer Viagra? Here in this article we will try to answer these two questions as well as a few more. Hope you will find this information useful enough.

What is generic Viagra?

First of all, let’s dot all i’s and cross all t’s when it comes to different versions of Viagra. What they call brand-name or ‘authentic’ Viagra is the Sildenafil-based ED medication by Pfizer – the American pharmaceutical company that was the first to invent Sildenafil and start marketing it as Viagra. Consequently, generic Viagra is Sildenafil by all other companies – big and small, located all over the world. It’s not authentic Viagra per se – but only because it’s usually marketed under other brand names – for instance, Kamagra, Silagra and others.

Nevertheless, it doesn’t mean that generic Viagra is less reliable than Pfizer’s little blue pills or by any means not as safe. In fact, most of the alternative manufacturers follow the original list of ingredients in Viagra flawlessly – so that their ED meds are absolutely identical to Pfizer Viagra. And even those that choose to make some changes to the original recipe always stick with the main principle – Sildenafil as cornerstone. Even though there are other substances that proved to be very effective in the treatment of ED as well, real Viagra is always Sildenafil-based.

What differs from one brand of generic Viagra to another (except for the trademark, of course) is the strength of the pill. The list of inactive ingredients varies as well but that doesn’t matter as much – inactive ingredients are usually colorings and preservatives. But back to the strength... The original strengths offered by Pfizer are 100 mg, 50 mg and 25 mg – depending on the actual amount of Sildenafil per tablet. 50 mg is the usual starting dosage – depending on how it works for you, you may choose to increase the dosage to 100 mg per intake or reduce it to 25 mg. The most popular brands of generic Viagra have these three strengths as well. Plus, it’s typical of them to offer 40 mg Viagra tablets too – these were proven to be as sufficient as 50 mg ones in most of the cases but reduce the risk of side effects significantly.

It’s also worth mentioning that there are 200 mg Sildenafil pills offered by some manufacturers – but, frankly, we wouldn’t recommend those. Pfizer’s official regulations state that it’s dangerous to pop more than 100 mg of Sildenafil in 24 hours. Hence, if you go for 200 mg Viagra, we recommend you to take only 1/2 pill per intake.

Another interesting peculiarity of generic Viagra is the fact that in most of the places you will have the chance to buy it without prescription. Why? Well, since it’s most frequently sold in international online pharmacies, the sales are usually regulated by foreign laws as well. If, say, in India you can buy Sildenafil over the counter, you will have the chance to buy it online without any papers as well. That’s where the OTC model comes from. It’s hassle-free, on one hand, but it also somehow increases the risks associated with taking Viagra. See, there are certain health conditions that might be regarded as counter-indications to taking Viagra. And when you buy Viagra without a prescription, you take the risk into your own hands. Thus, before starting to take Viagra, make sure you don’t suffer from any cardiovascular diseases, have normal liver and renal function, don’t suffer from hypotension, don’t have a recent history of heart attack or stroke and don’t have any hereditary degenerative retinal disorders.

How to buy real Viagra online

Of course, that depends on what you perceive as ‘real Viagra’. If it is the original Viagra by Pfizer, then there are many options. In fact, recently Pfizer has announced that they will soon start selling Viagra on their website. While that’s still in the planning stage, you can go to a couple of official US-based sites selling Viagra over the Net to US customers without a prescription. Indeed, these do exist! The only problem with them is that you will have to sign some papers stating that you take full responsibility for all the consequences resulting from you taking Viagra upon your own discretion.

Alternatively, you can get Pfizer Viagra online from a variety of international Internet pharmacies. That’s where the whole thing will be even easier – you won’t have to sign any papers at all and you won’t have to present the RX from your doctor in order to get a pack of blue pills. Just place your order, pay for it and get it shipped to your door in as short time as it’s only possible. Of course, when you are ordering Viagra from a Canadian or, say, Mexican pharmacy, the shipping won’t take too long. But if you choose to stick with more remote drugstores – like ones in India, for instance – be ready for longer waiting times.

If, however, you just want to buy real Viagra online and don’t care if it’s brand-name or generic, then the selection of options at your disposal is even wider. Generic Viagra is much easier to get and there are so many e-stores offering it. Inside the US, in neighboring Canada and Mexico… In practically any country of the world there are lots of Internet pharmacies offering you safe, cheap and effective generic Sildenafil-based meds. All you have to do is find a reliable supplier and place that order!

We do, however, recommend you to choose the medication you decide to purchase in the end of the day with maximum attention. Always stick with drugs that have been in the market for significant time already – otherwise, you risk being fooled into purchasing some new sort of bogus pills that don’t work at all. Even worse, what if the ED med you end up taking is toxic? New medications can be good too – but only when they have enough decent feedback from other people. You don’t want to be some pharmaceutical company’s guinea pig, do you?

What are the risks associated with taking generic Viagra?

First of all, Sildenafil itself, regardless of its origin, is a rather dangerous substance. It has a significant number of side effects ranging from simply unpleasant to truly hazardous – to an extent they can kill you. Don’t fret, however – truly severe side effects of Sildenafil were only observed a couple of times throughout the history of Viagra. Taking the fact that there are at least a few hundred million men who have tried Viagra at least once, your chances to suffer from those severe side effects are statistically negligible.

However, it’s worth pointing out that minor side effects of Viagra pills are a much bigger pain in the neck. In fact, most of the men taking it suffer from at least one of those. You are very likely to experience flushing, nausea, dyspepsia, headache, nasal congestion or vision problems. Of course, a perfect sexual intercourse could make you forget about all of these but… These side effects can still be rather unpleasant.

As for the severe side effects – if you ever feel pain in your chest spreading to your arms or shoulders, experience vision or hearing loss, irregular heartbeat or swelling of limbs after taking Viagra, seek for medical assistance immediately as those can be symptoms of very serious health conditions. Additionally, if you get an exceptionally lasting erection that doesn’t go away for hours, get emergency help too as this condition called priapism may result in permanent damage to the tissues inside your penis.

Once again, these are the side effects of Sildenafil itself and you can’t avoid the risk of having them by taking brand-name Viagra.

How do I find a reliable pharmacy?

The process of looking for a reliable pharmacy to get your generic Viagra or Pfizer Viagra online from might be very time consuming. However, this is one of those cases when you need to invest some time if you want to keep your precious health intact and also save a truckload of money.

Basically, the main advice here is very simple. Always look at customer feedback! Happy or dissatisfied customers leave their traces all over the Internet – on the pharmacy’s site itself, on various review sites, in their blogs, everywhere! Just google what people say about the pharmacy you plan to purchase Viagra from and you will understand everything about it. Of course, too much positive feedback with no negative reviews at all is also bad because it might easily be due to fake comments written by the owners of the pharmacy themselves. That means that the feedback should be reasonably good – with positive reviews outnumbering the bad ones. Also, see what people say in their negative reviews. Slow shipping or no credit card billing available are the things you can cope with. The fact that pills from this particular drugstore don’t work at all is much worse though, as you can imagine.

Also, check how old this website that you plan to buy from is. If it has been trading for years successfully, then it is a reliable one indeed. If it was launched a couple of months ago, we would certainly wait for a while before purchasing something from there.

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What generic Viagra is the safest?

Again, this is where the feedback and the history matters again. For example, there is that Sildenafil-based med called Kamagra produced by Indian Ajanta Pharma. It has been in the market for ages now, many men claim it is just as good as Viagra, if not better. Sure it is one of the options to consider! Alternatively, imagine yourself running into an ED medication that is claimed to be the biggest breakthrough ever and it has just appeared but… No one has tried and certified its effect yet. Even worse, a few guys tried it and it turned out to be as effective as a pill of aspirin popped in an attempt to heal ED. That’s clearly not the type of medication you are after.

Moreover, we strongly recommend you to refrain from taking generic Viagra in any strengths higher than 100 mg. The official recommended dosage of Sildenafil is 100 mg in 24 hours, not more than that! By overdosing, you increase your risks to suffer from side effects significantly. And we don’t mean just the flushing and the headache here. We mean real serious side effects of Sildenafil – such as severe hypotension, heart attack, stroke, priapism, vision and hearing loss and so on! Even if you ended up purchasing 200 mg Sildenafil pills, don’t pop them whole. Break a pill into two and use each of the halves for one perfect sexual intercourse, that should do the job just fine!

What are the alternatives?

If talking about similar medications, there are only two options available – Tadalafil and Vardenafil. Vardenafil is very similar to Sildenafil (Viagra) – the only difference is that is has a somewhat longer duration of effect and can be used in those people who proved to be allergic to Sildenafil or didn’t feel any effect from it at all. Tadalafil, in its turn, is a completely different medication. It works faster with reaction time averaging only 15 minutes after the intake. It has a longer duration of action totaling incredible 17.5 hours or even more. It has fewer side effects too. It is significantly more expensive though and doesn’t work for everyone – so for many Viagra still remains the primary ED medication of choice, not without a reason.

Besides, you can also consider surgery as very radical treatment of your ED. It can involve clearing blood vessels in your pelvis or even installing penile prostheses working at the push of a button but still letting you enjoy all the pleasures of sex as if you were simply healthy again. Those, of course, are not as easy as popping the pill but, in the long run, they may turn out to be good measures.